Stay Grounded

By: Jamie Bell (YOGAthletix Director)


Don’t you feel like September is such a hustle and bustle month? The weather changes, kids and teachers go back to school, the streets feel busier and there seems to be a sense of urgency all around. That’s why this month at YOGAthletix our theme is BE GROUNDED. Here are some tips to help you feel grounded, stay in control of your choices, and find balance during what can be such a busy month:


Start a New Habit: There is so much in life that is out of our hands and sometimes those circumstances can lead to feelings of spiralling out of control. That is why we have chosen to this month for the 21 day challenge! Focusing on a goal is a great way to feel grounded and combat hectic, busy schedules. Studies show it take 21 days to create a new habit, and to ensure that this habit of coming to class daily is able to be maintained after the challenge is over, as well as to ensure a balanced work out regime, part of the challenge is to take every class style at least once. Happy challenge month everyone!


Slow Down: Taking some time for yourself to slow down and focus on your inner peace can help you take charge of your life. Take some time for reflection in one of our restorative classes. Come to our Seasonal Restorative Reboot Workshop on September 22nd or join one of our regular GETnZEN classes on Sundays at 11:30AM (BONUS: both count towards the 21 day challenge!). Spend some time breathing, stretching, and relaxing while you tune out all of the hustle & bustle.


Connect to the Earth: When life gets in the way and you can’t make it to the studio, a great way to find grounding is to take a walk outside. Focus on the walk and  take note of your feet feeling supported by the earth (even better if you are able to walk barefoot on grass or sand). Try blocking out the street sounds and give your attention to the sounds of nature and the heat of the autumn sun on your skin. Breathe deeply and stay tuned into your body.


Life is full of demands that pull us in all sorts of directions. Being a part of the YOGAthletix community can act as an anchor, something stable, helping you feel more grounded. So give yourself permission to set aside some time to come to YOGATHletix this month. Join in the 21 day challenge, enjoy the Seasonal Restorative Reboot workshop, or take a walk with a friend! Breathe and remember the intention of staying grounded this month. 

See you at the studio, sweating, smiling and feeling grounded, soon!

WellnessJamie Bell