By: Jamie Bell (YOGAthletix Director)


Our August theme is Be Proud. Surprisingly (or maybe not) we as humans are always hardest on ourselves. I know a lot of people, myself included, who have a hard time recognizing their own accomplishments, and accepting praise for those successes. We have a tendency to self-judge, to distract our minds and derail our goals with self-doubt, criticism and negativity. In response, this month at YOGAthletix, we are all going to work towards that internal high five. BE PROUD of everything you do for yourself. Read on and you’ll see there’s lots to celebrate: 


Be proud of your efforts– sometimes we focus too much on the end result and forget about the journey. That can be really discouraging when you are working towards a goal, because sometimes you don’t see a positive result for a while. Instead of looking towards the end, see how many daily successes you’ve had and be proud of each and every one. Did you increase the weight in one or more exercises at GETnRIP’D? Did you run an extra kilometer in run club? Did you go lower in warrior two in a yoga class? Did you make time for rejuvenation by coming to GETnZEN? Did you show up to the studio? BE PROUD of yourself! Each and every little (or big) step you take towards a healthier YOU is reason to celebrate. Give yourself a high five and BE PROUD! 


Be proud of your accomplishments– for sure reaching a goal is something to celebrate! Too often we hit a goal and instead of relishing in it for a little while, we immediately set a new one. By immediately moving on, without that pause for recognition, you risk burnout. Burnout is when you’ve spent so much time in a state of stress that you exhaust all your resources. By trying to constantly meet demands you can feel overwhelmed and unmotivated, which can undo all the work you’ve just done. So, take the time to be proud and celebrate your accomplishments and share your joy – bring a friend, post on social media, high five a fellow YOGAthlete, be proud that you are taking care of yourself and working towards a healthier, happier YOU!


Don't wait until you've reached your goal to be proud. Be proud of all of the choices you make, the goals you achieve and every little step you take along the way. 


See you at the studio, sweating, smiling and feeling proud, soon.