Be Peace

By: Jamie Bell (YOGAthletix Director)


We all know someone who has a peaceful demeanor, a person you might seek for perspective, who makes your own heart-rate slow just by standing beside them. This month our theme at YOGAthletix is Be Peaceful  and our goal is to bring this quality into each of your lives. Finding moments of peace in the day can be difficult in a city so full of urgency and with lives full of expectations and responsibilities. But it isn’t impossible. Try these tips to bring more Peace into your life:


Be quiet– find spaces and time in your day to shut out the noise, the rush, the hustle and bustle and just listen. Listen to your breath and your heartbeat, focus on quieting your mind and relaxing your muscles. Turn off your phone, turn off the TV, and close the door to interruptions. Even if this can only happen for five minutes, you’ve given yourself a chance to be centered, to be at peace. And if you have more than five minutes, come to our Yoga in the park on Thursday evenings in Corktown Common at the Toronto Outdoor Picture Show. Enjoy fresh air, the sun on your back, the sounds of birds, breeze and laughter around you. I find a wonderful sense of peace lying in Savasana, looking up at the blue sky and feeling gratitude for the wonderful life I am blessed to live.


Take your time – we all know how rushed life can get, running from one responsibility to the next, one appointment to the next, one commitment to the next. Why not slow down a little, let calm instead of haste inform your time. Instead of drinking your morning coffee on the way to work, why not sit down and enjoy it at home with your family? Leave home a few minutes earlier and enjoy a leisurely walk to the bus stop. Prioritize your work list and if possible, set a goal that lets you complete the tasks calmly. Arrange your social events so that you also have time for yourself. Most of us don’t realize how much rushing can negatively affect our health until we get sick and have to slow down. So, take your time – slow down – be peaceful.


Let go– Being peaceful also means not fighting. The line from the serenity prayer that says “help me to accept the things I cannot change” is such good advice. Try not to hold onto or fight against the things in life that are not in your control. Traffic jams, long waiting lines, the expensive shoes you want but can’t afford, other people’s judgements, our own inner negativity – just let it all go. I know that’s easier said than done but imagine this; you are standing in a line that is taking forever to move. Your stress, worry and frustration are growing because you have other things to do and places to go. Then you take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and jaw, stop frowning and just – let – it - go. There is such a sense of peace when we give ourselves the chance to just be in the moment, release tension and accept things we have no control over. 


Summer is one of the best times for us to renew, let go, slow down and enjoy! Find moments for yourself and embrace the warm weather, the outdoors, the summer energy and each other. 


I hope to be seeing you at the studio, working on bringing peace into our lives one day at a time, sweating and smiling soon.