YOU inspire ME!

By: Jamie Bell (YOGAthletix Director)


This month for our Be Inspired theme, I’d like to tell you about how each of you, the YOGAthletix community, inspire and motivate me every day! Being an entrepreneur is really hard work but, you all make it so worth it and I want you to know how much motivation I get from you every day! - So here it goes:


Early Bird YOGAthletes:

I’m inspired by the early bird crew who find the energy to get up every morning before 6:30 a.m., rain or shine, blizzard or heat-wave. This group of die-hards manages to find their way to the studio four days a week to sweat through some of our toughest workout classes, at an hour I find dreadful. And through the yawns and stretches at the beginning of each class, they smile and are ready to start the day with YOGAthletix. 


Mamma Bear YOGAthletes:

I’m inspired by all our warrior mamma’s who carry their growing babies to classes at all times of the day. These ladies jump, lift, stretch, bend and sweat, undaunted by their changing bodies and growing bellies. And it doesn’t get any easier once baby is born. Our community of moms attending the daytime babies welcome classes is growing and growing! No class is too hard for our YOGAthletix mammas! You all set such a great example! 


Rehab YOGAthletes: 

All of our YOGAthlete’s with injuries and illnesses who come to the studio to rebuild and rejuvenate themselves are also an inspiration to me. They work through pain, immobility, or discomfort to rehabilitate, reorient and rework their bodies and spirits. With determination and grit they face the challenge of returning to health and function, one class at a time.


Fellow Teacher YOGAthletes:

I am inspired by all the teachers at YOGAthletix. I tell people all the time that I take classes at my studio not out of obligation, but by choice, because we have the BEST instructors in the city! Not only do I learn something every class I take, but I’m also challenged both physically and mentally. I truly believe that to be a great teacher you have to be a lifelong learner and I am so fortunate to be a student at YOGAthletix because my team inspires me to be better every day.


ALL YOGAthletes:

And most of all I’m inspired by each of you, my amazing community of YOGAthletes. You smile when you greet each other; you welcome newcomers to the studio; you help other members with exercises and equipment; you high five your group after a set, you cheer each other on, you congratulate each other on reaching a goal, and you support our community, this studio and me. You inspire me every day by being committed to yourselves, to each other and to YOGAthletix. 


Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams. I hope you all find inspiration in each other and in all that you have achieved for yourselves.

See you in the studio, sweating and smiling soon!