NEW Mirrors NEW Challenge - Perfect Posture at YOGAthletix

By: Dr. Caitlin Davidson


In light of the recent studio improvements and the fact that the mirrors are back at YOGAthletix, this seems like the perfect time to get picky about exercise posture!

Many YOGAthletix veterans will remember the posture corrections Jamie and Glenn used to post on Instagram for some of the most common exercise mistakes instructors see (“Correct...Wrong!”).  As a chiropractor, these were my personal favourites.  Nothing worries me more than seeing compromised spines/joints when I look around the room during a class.  And once they started posting these tips, I was seeing it less and less.  But we’ve been in this Corktown space for a while now, with lots of new YOGAthletes and no mirrors for postural feedback so now is a great time to focus on form and practice perfect posture during all our workouts! 

 I must admit that it’s been kind of refreshing working out without the distraction of mirrors; to not care about what we look like while working our a**es off.  So why should we care now?

 1-    Safety: maintaining correct posture during exercise, especially with weights, is essential for avoiding injury.

2-    Efficiency: proper form ensures that the exercises are working the areas they are meant to be working, making them more effective at burning calories and building strength.

3-    Longevity: the better your workout posture, the longer you’ll be able to keep up these workouts by minimizing wear and tear on your joints and muscles and preventing pain.

 So I’m proposing a YOGAthletix Posture Challenge for the month of May: 

Next time you hear a posture tip in class (like, “maintain a tall spine...” or “...tucking in the tailbone...” or “...keeping shoulder blades back and down”) turn your body sideways so you can check out your posture in the mirror.  Then check out your teacher’s posture, and compare it to your own.  Listen carefully to their posture tips, and try to emulate their perfect alignment.  And if you are still unsure about your form during a certain exercise, ask your teacher after class.  

 So go ahead: be a little vain, be a little nosy.  Check out your own posture and that of your fantastic teachers.  Your body will thank you!  And as always, I’m here to chat if you have any questions. 


Dr. Caitlin Davidson, BSc (Hons), DC

Dr. Davidson graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2016, while being co-president of the ICPA Pediatrics Club and teaching in a Senior’s Chair Yoga Program. In 2017 she also became a Certified Animal Chiropractor. She is a member in good standing with College of Chiropractors of Ontario. Dr. Davidson is passionate about helping your entire family live your healthiest, most balanced lives. And she loves to practice what she preaches, which is why you can catch her in all styles of classes at Yogathletix!