Guylaine - or better known to everyone as Glenn – founded YOGAthletix in 2012 and, although she retired from this role, she remains one of YOGAthletix’ most enthusiastic instructors. She teaches all styles of yoga and fitness classes and has created a variety of training and yoga programs.

 With over twenty-five years’ experience in the fitness industry, Glenn is a positive leader and role model to many. Her passion for exercise is evident, as her natural “joie de vivre” will make you smile in every class she teaches. Her philosophy “believe you can” is ever present as she aspires to challenge, educate and inspire every student regardless of their fitness level. Glenn works to be entertaining, engaging and creative in her yoga sequences and fitness progressions so that no two classes are ever the same.

 Glenn’s other passion is dogs! She owns two of her own and often borrows neighbour’s pets to join her on walks. She’s also a fair weather cyclist, but if the weather is too cold for a ride, she’s happy to stay in for some comfort food of pasta (no meat please - she’s a vegetarian) and wine.