“But I don’t want to get bulky…”

By: Jamie Bell (YOGAthletix Director)


So often I hear concerns about doing strength training (mostly from women) because they are worried, they will “bulk up.” I need to squash this concern once and for all! The fact is, that in order to “bulk up”, a.k.a. add muscle mass, you need to lift very heavy weights (about 80% of your max) on a regular basis. That, plus ensure that you are meeting certain caloric needs with your diet. The key to strength training is to do the appropriate type to meet your fitness goals. 

At YOGATHLETIX we approach building strength in a way that is accessible and safe for everybody and will not result in “getting bulky.” Strength training is a vital part of a balanced and healthy workout regime and the strength training we do in fitness classes at YOGAthletix has countless benefits. Here are my top three:

1.   Strength training on a regular basis makes every day chores easy and painless! 

Strength training ensures you can meet the strength requirements of daily life (carrying groceries, picking up your kids, etc.), without hurting yourself. A functional fitness workout that involves strength training, like GETnFIT, strengthens the muscles that we use on a daily basis and prepares us for those moments when we need to exert a little more power. 

2.   Strength training on a regular basis increases your metabolism!   

When you do strength training your muscles use energy – burn calories - to do the work. When you add load to muscles, like in the circuit training exercises we do in GETnRIP'D, your muscles continue to work even after the workout is completed. So even though you aren’t doing squats, shoulder-presses or a heavy deadlift on your walk home and while you eat breakfast and drive to work, your quads, hamstrings, back and shoulders are still using energy – burning calories – and will continue to do so for several hours after your workout. And as a bonus, the more muscle you build, the more you will increase the number of calories your body burns around the clock! Hello swim-suit season, here I come! Am I right ?! 

 3.   Strength training on a regular basis makes you look, but even more importantly, feel your best! 

Your core muscles are a group of muscles that support your spine. When you develop greater core strength from all the small movements in a BarreFit or CoreFlow style class you will literally stand taller! You’ll have better posture, better mobility, better endurance, and better muscle tone. That means you can feel strong and secure in your body, and look great too!

If your goal is to enter a body building competition you will need to put in the time and lift heavy weights necessary to build major muscle mass. But since most of us just want to feel fit, play painlessly, and possibly lose a few lbs, we don't need that kind of insane meathead workout. We do, however, still need to strength train!  So let go of all of those “getting bulky,” fears and join us at YOGAthletix for a variety of classes that will allow you to BE STRONG!

See you at the studio, sweating and smiling soon!