Love is in the ... Sweat?

By: Jamie Bell (Director)

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Let’s face it, it’s really easy to love chocolate, Netflix binge-watching, good wine (or beer) and sleeping in. Guilty pleasures feed our souls and hit our pleasure centers fast - and if there’s a day to enjoy them Valentine’s day is it! So go ahead, indulge! But when the chocolate gives you a tummy ache and the wine makes you hung over and too much time on the couch makes you feel sluggish and irritable, remember, your real love will be waiting for you.

Those workouts you turned your back on, those workouts you were once so committed to, those workouts that make you the best version of yourself, they truly LOVE you! (can you hear the sappy music in the background?)

So this Valentine’s day make some space in your heart to love your workouts back! 

Love – to make sacrifices – Sacrifice just 50 min. a day, 3 or 4 days a week. That’s about 3.5 hours out of a possible 100 hours you are awake each week. That means you’ve sacrificed 3% of your time for exercise. That’s a really small investment! What other relationship asks for so little and gives back so much? That’s love!  

Love – to receive good feelings – Make it a habit to work out regularly and in no time you’ll feel more energetic throughout the day, feel more confident in your body, and know that you are a stronger, leaner, better you! So, commit to exercise and you’ll be a happier healthier you! That’s love.

Love – fondness – When it comes to your workouts the best way to feel affection is to find something you enjoy doing. Try a different class at YOGAthletix, (like our new music themed classes) meet a new teacher (check out our website for our two new instructors this month) or bring a friend with you (It’s free today!). And if you have a suggestion for something that would make you enjoy your workouts more, send it to us! We want you to LOVE being here and totally in LOVE with your workouts because we LOVE having you!

Love – to care for something unconditionally - Most importantly, that person is YOU! Know why you’re doing it, celebrate your successes and have fun. You’ll love the results and feel better for doing it. The best way to love your workout is to love yourself. Unconditionally. We do!

Happy Valentine’s Day!