The solution to all of your workout excuses... THE BUDDY SYSTEM!

By: Jamie Bell (YOGAthletix Director)


Let me paint you a picture: you have every intention of working out but you look outside and it’s dark, cold, and icy. So you think to yourself, “nah, I’m going to stay home and drink hot chocolate in my pj’s instead”. You’re pretty sure you’ll regret it later but the dark and cold is just too daunting. Sound familiar? 

But wait, just when you think all hope is lost, you get a text from your workout buddy - they’re putting on their boots and calling to say they’ll meet you there. You have no excuses now, so you get ready and you head to your workout. Your workout buddy saves the day! 

Have you ever had one of those days when, despite your best judgment, you come up with every excuse to skip your workout? Well fear not, we know just how to help: the buddy system.

 1. Excuse: It’s too early to workout.

   BUT! Your buddy is also up - you’ll feel guilty ditching. Gotta go!

2. Excuse: I’m too tired after a long day at work.

BUT! You can’t let your buddy go alone. They worked hard too and will be there!

3. Excuse: The workout is too hard.

   BUT! Your buddy’s working hard and you’ll feel silly (cough… competitive… cough…) sitting it out.

4. Excuse: There’s no time to workout.

   BUT! Working out with a buddy means you get exercise and social time. Two birds, one stone.

5. Excuse: You don’t want to go by yourself.

BUT! You have a buddy!

No matter the excuse, the solution is the same: a workout buddy motivates and encourages you, and is good company for your workouts. Your workout buddy can be anyone; your partner, friend, sibling, parent, cousin, colleague, that hot person you met on the streetcar yesterday, etc. etc. 

Plus the best part is you get to be that amazing person in your buddy’s life who introduced them to a fabulous community, great classes and a healthier lifestyle. What a fantastic Christmas present (for both of you) and the perfect way to start off the new year! 

So get on the phone and call (or text because who calls people these days) your buddy because this month YOGAthletix is offering not one but two amazing buddy deals: 

 1. A couples membership for only $225 per month (that's $75 in savings every month and only $14 per class if you commit to coming twice a week). 

 2. A 50 class pack which can be shared for only $799 (thats less than $16 per class). 

Don’t wait! Grab a workout buddy and make 2019 your happiest and healthiest year yet!