5 Reasons You Should Join The YOGAthletix Run Club

By: Jamie Bell (YOGAthletix Director)

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Last March I, along with the other members of the YOGAthletix Run Club, set a goal of running the Scotiabank Waterfront half marathon. Our first half marathon ever and longest distance yet. Six months of training later we successfully ran 21.5km, finished the SBWF half and completed our third season of running together twice a week as the YOGAthletix Run Club. 

Although I am sure my feet, ankles and knees are looking forward to a well deserved rest, I can't help but feel sad that it’s over (until next year!).  

This got me thinking about why I love running and being part of the YOGAthletix Run Club so much. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with burning calories or body goals (although it sure as heck helps with those things too!) and has everything to do with the mental and social benefits. 

So, here are 5 reasons why you should consider joining the YOGAthletix Run Club: 

5. You Get To Build & Maintain Friendships Through Running 

Similar to the relationships that are built in the studio at YOGAthletix, being part of YOGAthletix Run Club gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with amazing people who push you but also create an atmosphere where going your own pace and listening to your body is accepted and encouraged. 

Being able to chat during our weekly runs allows everyone to really get to know each other and build wonderful friendships with people you see on regular basis. 

4. You’re Not Only Joining a Run Club, You’re Joining a Family 

We run rain or shine (literally, we run in the rain)! Whether you’re hungover from a Friday night out or exhausted from a long work week, at 8:30AM on Saturday mornings we’re running, no ifs, ands, or buts. This commitment creates a family like bond where everyone is in it together! 

Our current crew has even nicknamed our run leader, Michelle, “run mom,” for taking such good care of the team, and the millennials, Jess & Tay, “the kids” because they need little extra help staying focused and somehow always seem to get lost…. 

3. It Holds You Accountable  

Running can be done anywhere and at anytime but that is easier said than done. It can be hard to motivate yourself to get out there and even harder once you’re out running to push yourself past the point of comfort. 

The other runners and weekly structure holds you accountable to your run, it becomes part of your routine. Even when scheduled runs are missed it is easier to motivate yourself to make it up on your own knowing that we have set distance goals each week that the rest of the crew is going to be running. These factors hold you accountable and less likely to miss a run! 

2. Endorphins!!!!! 

We’ve all heard about the runner's high but have you ever become addicted to it? Enter YOGAthletix Run Club. There is no better feeling than completing a Saturday morning run knowing you have the whole weekend ahead as those running endorphins are coursing through your veins. It’s the best way to start the day! 

1. Setting & Achieving Personal Goals 

The number 1 reason why you should join YOGAthletix Run Club is it will allow you to crush your goals! Michelle (Run Mom) makes sure all of our distance goals are safe and achievable (providing you stick to our training schedule), and creates an atmosphere where reaching them isn’t difficult - it’s fun! 

Each week you’ll crush a new distance and feel like you can conquer the world. For many, this even translates directly into other aspects of life and you will find yourself being more and more productive. 

So whether you are looking to achieve your running goals, make new friends, or just get a taste of that sweet sweet runners high, we invite you to join us and be part of the YOGAthletix Run Club!


If you’re still on the fence here are some testimonials from our current members: 

  • “The humans are great company and I like the accountability associated with it to keep up training with the group.” - Taylor.

  • “Joining YOGAthletix Run Club started out as a social thing to spend time with my family and friends. It turned into being held accountable which made me push myself way harder than I ever would have on my own and I achieved goals I truly never would have thought possible - seriously I never thought I was a runner before joining!” - Jessica. 

  • “Positive run crew vibes makes running less of a chore!” - Michelle

  • “BARLEY!!!” - Taylor. 

  • “Nothing beats starting the weekend off with fresh air and my people (and Barley), and seeing new parts of the city on foot!” - Kevin