Emily joined the YOGAthletix team in 2016 as a yoga & barre instructor. Emily teaches BarreFit, Yogasana and Yogathletix with an inclusive approach, offering modifications for every level of practice.

Emily has a strong foundation in yoga with Yoga Fit levels 1 & 2; 1st & 2nd series of Ashtanga; 200 hour training for RYT in Florida; and she is currently taking her barre certification in Toronto. She is passionate about fitness and believes that setting up for success means starting with a healthy body in order to create a healthy mind. Her care for her students is evident as she strives to give individual attention so that she can support each person’s progress. Emily’s love of life, light-hearted approach and love for her job are evident when she teachers. With a little bit of playfulness and inspiration, she seeks to help others find their hidden potential and walk out of her class feeling rejuvenated and smiling.

Outside of YOGAthletix, Emily enjoys taking afternoon naps, curling up with her dog for some Netflix binge-watching, or playing hookie with her partner. While she’s definitely a home-body she also loves spending time outdoors and participating in her deep love – paddle-boarding. In the warmer weather she spends as much time as possible at the beach, sometimes doing yoga, sometimes just basking in the sun.