Self-care isn’t selfish: 5 Reasons Why You Should Add GETnZEN to Your Weekly Routine This Month

By: Jamie Bell (YOGAthletix Director)


Hands up if you’re busy?

Balancing work and home while trying to maintain some sort of social life and workout regime can take up all the hours in the day and more! However, we’re constantly hearing about this “self-care” phenomenon that’s sweeping our generation and there is a reason for that! Taking care of your own mental, physical and emotional health is a KEY ingredient to living a happy and healthy life.

Fitness and meditation are both great forms of self-care, making GETnZEN a perfect way to get happier and healthier. It is a yin inspired yoga class focusing on deep stretching. In a GETnZEN class, healthy stress is placed on the connective tissue at the joints, resulting in more muscle length and improved flexibility. Meditation is also practiced to develop the ability to focus and clear unnecessary or distracting thoughts.

Here are 5 reasons why you should add GETnZEN to your weekly routine this month.

1. It will restore your energy.

Lets face it, November marks the beginning of winter (not December 21st like we are supposed to believe), more darkness and less light. It’s long, it’s cold and most importantly…. there are no holidays! If you are anything like me, November comes with a heaviness that makes you feel lethargic and a little less motivated than other months of the year. GETnZEN is the perfect way to naturally boost your energy. Think of GETnZEN as an extremely nurturing hug for your mind and body; it’s relaxing and restorative, can be both physically and spiritually cleansing, and will allow you to leave tension and stress behind. Being held in this hug for 50 minutes gives the mind and body a break from all the thinking and doing, and leaves both feeling refreshed, restored and energized!

2. It will help reduce stress and anxiety.

Today’s world is unbelievably fast paced, it’s filled with appointments, deadlines, to-do lists and responsibilities. This, coupled with being bombarded by stimuli 24/7 (I’m talking to you if you use your laptop in front of your TV while holding your phone) it’s no wonder stress and anxiety have become such huge problems for so many. Our minds have become so accustomed to processing the all of the information we are exposed to that we actually crave stimuli when we have downtime, and end up browsing and looking for stuff just to fill the gaps (hello anxiety, my old friend).

What the mind actually needs is space in these gaps, a chance to just be. Enter GETnZEN, it’s the perfect way to switch off your mind while holding poses that are also wonderful for the body. This will give you a chance to find space, slow your mind, and develop a deeper understanding and connection to your body and your yoga practice. 

3. It will improve your flexibility.

In the same way that exercise puts stress on your muscles, creating tiny tears which results in muscles growing back stronger; the yin poses in GETnZEN put healthy stress on your connective tissues, which over time creates more muscle length and improved flexibility. It is  only in holding our poses for several minutes, which we practice in GETnZEN, that lasting change is created. Your improved flexibility will translate into all of your other classes, allowing you to have a larger range of motion in your fitness class exercises and to try those advanced poses in yoga. 

4. It’s basically meditation for beginners.

We all know meditation is beneficial for so many reasons, but it seems pretty much impossible! I mean how the hell does one sit and think of nothing for several minutes? When practicing GETnZEN, the physical experience will be intense enough to keep the mind focused on that, which is exactly what meditation is all about - focusing on the present moment.  You will learn to observe the physical sensations you are experiencing without getting caught up in the “whys” of the experience. Since the poses are only held for a few minutes you will have a little break between each, so it will be like a bunch of very accessible mini meditations.

5. It will help to build your perseverance.

Change in any aspect of life does not happen overnight. GETnZEN will help to teach you that by sticking with it and dealing with whatever comes up, you are able to grow, get stronger and create your desired outcome.

So whether you want to de-stress, have a more energized and less anxious November, begin to learn the ins-and-outs of meditation, or work on your flexibility, GETnZEN is the class for you! Join us at 11:30AM on Sundays at YOGAthletix!