YOGAthletix was founded on the belief that practicing yoga and fitness concurrently is the best way to achieve a happy and healthy life. We offer traditional and unique styles of yoga, high energy fitness programs and therapeutic, restorative workshops. All of our classes are specifically chosen and designed to offer a balanced fitness regime, an engaging and challenging workout and be accessible to all fitness levels (not to be confused with being easy). We also offer a running club, an informative newsletter, safety and wellness workshops, pop-up classes and holistic nutrition services. 

Most importantly, we believe that community matters! When you step into YOGAthletix you will be welcomed with a smile. Our classes and instructors (and members) create a positive, encouraging atmosphere. Our goal is provide a space where you can grow and be challenged, without feeling intimidated. We want to help you live your dream. So come as you are. We will meet you here and if you stick around we promise to know you by name! 

Come sweat and smile with us!


A note from the director: 

Being part of a community centred on movement is something I have valued for as long as I can remember. I danced competitively as a teenager and my hobby eventually became a passion. Thus, began my dream to one day own a dance studio. I pursued that dream and studied kinesiology and dance at the University of Western Ontario, while participating in many different forms of fitness and cheerleading. It was during this time that I developed a love for everything health and wellness related. My experiences reinforced my belief that both are key components to happiness. This philosophy eventually became part of the foundation for YOGAthletix.

Involvement in physical activity has sustained and healed me through many difficult times in my life, and I wanted to be able to offer that same support to others. I wanted to share my passion and belief that happiness is attainable, with as many students as I could. The YOGAthletix studio and community is the realization of that dream.

The amazing community that the YOGAthletix clients have helped establish continues to be as strongly committed to health, wellness, support, and happiness as I was determined to create from a very young age. It is truly because of you - the YOGAthletix community - that I am able to wake up each day and confidently say I am living my dream. And I hope, by coming to the YOGAthletix studio and joining me and my amazing team in the various classes we offer, that we are helping you to also, live your dream.

*Jamie Bell

After moving to corktown from the west end I have been searching for a studio to call home. Jamie at YOGAthletix has been so welcoming, the studio is beautiful and the classes are amazing. From the invigorating yoga flows to the booty toning barre classes, each with an energizing warm up and relaxing cool down, this studio has it all! - Megan A.